Hair ExtensionMethods

Micro-Beaded Weft

This method involves attaching a tiny color match silicone lined bead to the hair and sewing the weft extensions to that hair. This method is also referred too as NBR natural beaded rows, and IBE Invisible Beaded Extensions. It is very popular for those with medium-thicker hair however it can also be used for those with finer hair. The benefit to this method is it can be readjusted at anytime and the hair can be reused for 6-9 months. Most of my clients prefer this method because it is one of the least expensive, most discrete and easiest too maintain since there are no glue adhesives. This method lasts between 6-8 weeks before needing to be reinstalled or readjusted and takes about 2 hours too apply and blend and about 1 hour or so for move ups. Quality brand, 100% Remy hair, will last up too a year and with proper care will cause little to no damage to your real hair at all. Pricing for install is $300and $100 per row for move ups (most people have about 2.5 rows). Pricing for the hair itself can range significantly depending on length, brand, and amount needed to achieve the goal look however most people only need one pack of hair which ranges between $250-$950 per pack and double that if you need two packs.  A consultation will be needed in order to color match the hair and for us to have an idea as too how much hair we will need to order and which method would be best for you. We do require a deposit during consultation for the hair itself to secure your installation appointment and to pay for the hair ordered during consultation. 

Tape-In Extensions 

This method is a hypoallergenic adhesive weft applied to your natural hair without the need for tools or heat. This method would need to be reapplied every 6-8 weeks and most hair will last up too 3-4 uses or roughly 6-9 months depending on color and how well they're maintained. This is one of the most popular methods as well as the beaded weft methods because the hair last longer for both methods, the install is inexpensive compared to other methods, and is easy to rearrange the hair once installed. Its also very popular for those with finer hair but any hair type can use tape in extensions as long as you don't naturally have very oily hair. Tape ins take about 2 hours too install, cut/blend, and I charge a flat rate of $250 for install not including the cost of the hair itself. For a full head of extensions you will need 2-7 packs of tape-in extensions. The cost of the hair itself can range significantly depending on length, brand and amount needed but ranges anywhere from $450-$1600 depending on how many packs we need to achieve the desired look. A consultation is needed in order to color match the hair, figure out what method would work best for your hair, decide how many packs are needed and what length. I do require a deposit for the full amount of the hair itself during the consultation if you decide you want to get your hair done from me in order to order the hair and secure your install appointment. Please keep in mind that the hair is non refundable, once we order it and open the pack, we cannot return it which is why I charge a deposit fee. 

Fusion / Kera link

This method involves a grain size keratin adhesive bond to your natural hair using hot tool. This method is very low maintenance, light weight, and fairly comfortable and discrete. It is most common for people with finer hair but can be used on all hair types.The benefit to this method is it lasts up too 3-6 months with proper care and depending on how fast your hair grows. This method is great for those who want something that's low maintenance. I would recommend coming in and getting the ends trimmed in order too prevent matting on the ends in between installations. This method takes 2-8 hours to apply depending on desired look and cannot be readjusted or reused which means you will need to buy all new hair every time it needs to be "moved up" or essentially redone. For a full head of hair you would need 4-9 packs of hair. This method can get a little pricey due too the installation time, the price of the hair, and the fact that you can't reuse the hair after 3-6 months. Pricing for application is $125 an hour so install alone can range anywhere from $200-$800 no including hair itself. The hair itself ranges anywhere from $300-$850 with 5-10 packs of hair. A consultations is required in order to properly color match the hair and pre-order however many packs we will need too achieve the desired look. I also require a deposit for the full amount of the hair cost itself so we can order the hair during the consultation and secure your install appointment. 

Micro-Bead Individuals/ i-link 

This method involves using a color match silicone lines metal bead attached to the natural hair in single strands one by one. The benefit to this method is that the hair can be reused for 6-9 months with proper care and readjusted at anytime. This method is also light weight, flexible and fairly discrete. Its also popular with all hair types, thin, medium or thick.There are no adhesives or heat used for this method. This makes it easier to take out and adjust as needed.  The hair itself comes in 16"-24" and can range in price significantly depending on the amount needed, and the length desired. You would need 5-10 packs of hair for a full head which ranges anywhere from $300-$950. I recommend clients come every 6-8 weeks for adjustments. Pricing for installation, cut/blend is $125 an hour and can take anywhere from 2-8 hours to apply depending on thickness of your hair and desired look. We would need to do a consultation so I can color match your hair, go over what methods would be best for your hair type and order the correct amount of hair. A deposit for the full amount of the hair cost is due during consultation should you decide to get extensions installed by me. This ensures you will have the correct color and amount of hair needed for your desired look and also locks in your installation appointment. 

Before Your Appointment

Clients should arrive to their appointment with clean dry hair free of products and oils. This will ensure the extensions last as long as possible and adhere properly. All consultations are free. Appoints can be made by calling or texting me at (248) 978-4876. Clients will be responsible for supplying their own hair however i am happy to help procure the hair or give advice as too what length, color, quality, quantity, and/or brand.

After Care

Although any method of hair extensions you choose you will have 100% human hair, that doesn't necessarily mean you can treat it the same as your natural hair. Hair extensions need to be washed with sulfate, silicone, paraben, and alcohol free products. Natural oils should be applied mid shaft (avoid putting products on the roots much as possible) down to the ends as often as possible to extend the life of the hair and mend split ends. Always shampoo your scalp only (not the ends) carefully and thoroughly and condition only mid shaft down. Conditioner should not be applied to the scalp- especially with tape in extensions because it could cause the extensions to slide right out. If getting tape in extensions you will also need to wait a full 48 hours before washing your hair after installation to give the tape enough time to adhere to the hair before washing, other methods can be washed same day. Brushing your hair regularly and carefully from bottom to top with a wet brush or an extension brush. Silk pillow cases and braids are always great for sleeping with extensions to keep the hair in the best condition possible and to maintain the life of the hair itself. Do not go to bed with wet hair if you have extensions in, this can cause matting and damage to the hair. Always use a heat protectant and don't use more then 350 degrees for any straighteners or curling irons or else you will fry the hair.  Everything listed here is not only great advise for people with extensions but its also great to follow for those who don't have extensions in as well.  Since the extensions are fitted firmly to the scalp they can cause some discomfort and tenderness while sleeping for the first few days, this is normal and will go away in just a few days. If your extensions are too uncomfortable after a few days, i can remove or readjust whatever is causing discomfort. 

Common questions and answers

Can I wear my hair up with hair extensions? Yes, all four methods mentioned above will allow you to wear your hair up without seeing the extensions. Avoid using too much strain on the root, this could cause the bond or bead too loosen or could pull your hair out from the root. High ponytails are not suggested for at least 24 hours after instillation.

Is it normal for my extensions to dry out overtime? Yes, the extensions don't have natural oils from the scalp to nourish them so overtime washing and styling as well as heat can cause them to dry out. You can prevent this as much as possible by spraying a small amount of leave in conditioner to the mid shaft and ends of the extensions daily and by avoiding high heat. UV protectant products are suggested if you plan on being outside for a long period of time on a hot sunny day. Heat protectant products are always suggested when using hot tools such as curling irons, blow dryers or straighteners on the extensions. I also suggest oiling the ends nightly to keep the hair healthy and feeling silky smooth long term. 

  Is it normal for my extensions to come out on their own? Yes, overtime it is inevitable that the extensions will loosen or come out, especially if the client does not maintain them carefully. Using a wet brush or a hair extensions brush and carefully brushing will ensure they last as long as possible.  However, with regular maintenance and care, the extensions should not be coming out at all and if they are that means you most likely ripped them out which also means you would have ripped out some of your hair with the extensions as well (not good!)

  Can I have my hair colored with hair extensions? Yes, hair color can be maintained or changed while having hair extensions in however, you cannot lighten hair extensions but you can always deposit (go darker) hair color. If you choose to go lighter you will need to purchase lighter hair. Keep in mind that everyone's hair takes differently to color and that when coloring hair extensions you're always taking a risk since the hair is typically from various different sources. Bleaching extensions is highly not recommended as it can damage the hair, dry it out, make it not last as long, and there's also no guarantee on how the extensions will lift and turn out. Your safest option is to color your hair to the desired look first then buy extensions to match.

 Can I color my hair extensions? Yes, you can. However, it is not suggested. If you do choose to color the extensions you must use semi or demi permanent hair color. You should also never lift the color only deposit it.

 What is the difference between Virgin and Remy Hair? Remy human hair is a high quality grade of human hair with the cuticle intact. It lasts 3-4 applications with proper care (9 months – 1 year). Remy hair comes from many ponytails and gets processed like regular hair extensions. Extra Virgin hair is the highest quality human hair on the market. This hair comes from one single ponytail donor, and undergoes a different brand new gentle manufacturing technology that allows the hair to last longer. Since the hair comes from one ponytail and gets processed in a 12 step process, it leaves the hair in its virgin state allowing it to last for 5-6 wears (1.5 - 2 years) 

How long does the hair last? That all depends on which method you decide best fits your wants, needs, and lifestyle. Tape in’s need to be maintained every 6-8 weeks and take roughly 2 hours too apply, blend and style, and 2-3 hours too re-tape and move up. The hair itself should last roughly 3 uses (up too 9 months).

Keratin bond hair would need to be replaced after each use but can typically stay in for 3-5 months with proper care.

I-link hair will last up too 3 uses and needs to be maintained every 6-8 weeks.

Micro-beaded weft (NBR) (IBE) needs to be maintained every 6-8 weeks and takes roughly 2 hours too apply, blend/cut, and style, and takes about 1-2 hours too move up. The hair itself will last anywhere from 6 months to a year depending on how well its taken care of. 

Can I was my hair everyday and blow-dry it? What about swimming? Yes, you can wash your hair and get blowouts without ruining your extensions. Our strong tape is extremely durable and lasts; as long as the scalp does not become excessively oily the bonds will stay. You can swim, workout, go about your life and not have to worry about your extensions coming out. I do suggest using some type of leave in conditioner in your hair before going swimming so that your hair doesn't soak up all the chlorine or salt water as much.

 If I have fine / Thin hair can I wear tape in extensions? If you have thin hair, tape in extensions is one of the best hair extension choices for you. Clips will be too bulky and may cause balding long term on those who have super fine hair. With tape-ins your hair is protected from damage and breakage.

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